8th Connected World: Cloudonomics – The Cloud Of Things

  • Cloud computing redefines economy and –at the same time- is being redefining itself, as it integrates more and more applications we use in our daily life.

    We are at the dawn of a new networking era, which will take shape by the digitization and the connection of everything with everything, seeking the amelioration of decision making and the automatization of our daily habits and procedures.

    Having already passed the early stages, where users interact with the machines, we are rapidly heading to the next level, where the machines interact between themselves, and we are entering an era characterized by the creation of a community of things which provide us with seemingly heteroclite data they gather, in order to extract new collective ones.


    1st Session: One size fits all?

    There is a consensus that, embracing cloud computing is a sort of panacea! Yet, what are the real needs we hope it will cover? What is the cost-benefit relation and how this figure changes according to the size of each enterprise? What do the customers want and what providers offer to them? What is better – Cloud on demand or cloud in a bundle?

    These are some key questions that circulate on a daily basis among enterprises and organizations but the answers are not always clear, as we have to reach the best possible combination of three different factors: cost, performance and flexibility.

    In this session we will focus on the various tiers of cloud services, from data centres to integration and all the way to the final customer; we will define various collaborative models and perspectives as well as the limits in business cloud solutions.


    2nd Session: Analytics and Internet of Things: New business opportunities

    Those enterprises that they manage to integrate the rapidly growing and expanding technologies of IoT and Business Analytics to their solutions portfolio most certainly will be able to develop new and innovative activities and open new horizons for them.

    Practically, there are no limits to the variety of applications, because new technologies and procedures are being implemented on a daily basis for even better exploitation of the data produced. The fact that «Data is the coin of ΙοΤ market» is now being unquestionable and is constantly confirmed.

    Although in Greece, ΙοΤ has just started its foray from the research labs to the real daily life, the first implementations based on Greek ideas have already made their point in global markets. European Commission has placed IoT among the top priorities of its technology agenda, announcing that it will support pilot programs with an influx of 140 million €.  In the list of prospective projects there are applications in the fields of Health, Agriculture, wearables and connection between (smart) vehicles.

    Also, the global leaders in digital technology have dynamically entered the fields of IoT and Analytics, presenting a wide spectrum of products and services from developers’ tools to integrated systems for the collection and exchange of data, as well as decision making solutions.

    And we are only at the beginning of a long, long road, as we have now started talking about the different methods of extracting and exploiting the wealth of data, in the light of the new regulation framework, recently agreed between Europe and USA.


    3rd Session: From smart home to smart living

    Internet of Things for home use, we usually define as “smart home”, finds its proper place in the daily life of more and more people. Although it is still in the “trendy” period, its adoption speed is really impressive. The time is near when home appliances in the market will have their own IP address and WiFi capabilities, while smart infrastructure will be offered as a standard in new houses and blocks of flats.

    Accordingly, in the city level, we will also witness similar applications in a greater scale for smart lighting, water supply, traffic control and even autonomous mass transportation vehicles integrated into the urban net. At the same time, we are already using our smartphones to pay the ticket in the bus, make our transactions or buy goods in the market, which is steadily leading us towards the era of smart living.

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